Rules and policies

Conditions of Sale
For the purposes of this document the following terms shall have the following respective meanings:
Owner: F5R . With office in ul. Walecznych 31, 20-136 Lublin, Poland, NIP No. (Tax Identification Number) PL9461545475.
Online Shop – shop selling products in its offer through e-commerce website
Order Completion Time – time in which Online Shop will pick and send order to be shipped by Customer chosen delivery method
Business days – days between and including Monday to Friday and not including public holidays and weekend
Customer – natural person who purchases Products for scopes other than his entrepreneurial, business, craft or professional activity
Payment Operator – third-party company carrying all payments made by bank transfer, electronic transfer or credit card on behalf of Online Shop
Carrier – third party company delivering products ordered by Customer from Warehouse to address provided by Customer. Customer may choose Carrier from companies cooperating with Online Shop
Warehouse – place where orders are picked for Customers
I. Procedure of placing and accepting Orders
Useing website Customer may place order anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer placing order is making purchase agreement with Online Shop, for products ordered. in his order Customer includes: ordered products, delivery and payment method, delivery address, optionally different billing address, Customer may cancel or change order until it is send to shipping, Minimal system requirements needed to use Online Shop, Internet browser with properly configured HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher, Enabled Cookies and JavaScript, Active E-mail account

II. Lead time on an order
Product delivery time consist of Order Completion Time and shipping time in business days. Shipping time depends on shipping method chosen. Order containing items with different Order Completion Time will be shipped after whole order is picked, this means shipping will take place after longest Order completion time has passed. In case of payment made by money transfer or bank transfer, above mentioned Order completion Time will be extended with money transfer time and in case of payment by installments – time it takes to create and signing installment plan If product is not in Warehouse or when shop is unable to complete Customers order, Online Shop has right to withdraw from Completing Order in 30 (thirty) days from concluding agreement. If estimated Order Completion Time is longer than 30 (thirty) days, Online Shop has right to withdraw from agreement during estimated time it takes to complete order. If Warehouse runs out of product or products that are part of Customers Order, and ordering them from supplier will not be possible in estimated order completion time, Online shop will immediately contact Customer (by e-mail provided by. Customer or by phone), so Customer may make a decision about further proceedings

III. Products availability
Product presence in Online Shops webpage does not indicate product availability in Warehouse and ability to complete order. On webpage of product one can find information provided about Product availability in Warehouse and Order Completion Time. Delivery of ordered product will be possible only if ordered product is available in Warehouse.

IV. Payment Method
Payment for product might be done by the bank transfer, electronic transfer or credit card – Order completion will start when Online Shop will receive confirmation of correctly done payment from Payment Operator. Payment for product might be done in person (in cash) in cash and carry or if order is delivered by Carrier using option cash-on-delivery. In such case completing order will start after Customer completes process of ordering on webpage of Online Store

V. Proof of purchase
Online Shop will issue a sales document (proof of purchase), VAT invoice or receipt depending on Customer choice in order form. To receive VAT invoice choose company in payer field and fill other fields accordingly. In order to receive proforma invoice, contact Online Shop by phone or e-mail, order number and, fax number or e-mail address needs to be provided on which proforma invoice should be sent.

VI. Prices
Online Shop prices on product pages are given in Euro including VAT. Shipping cost, custom tax or other charges that may apply are not included into price. Binding and final price for product is provided for Customer in order form on Online Shop webpage. Total price for order is calculated after customer chooses method of delivery and method of payment, Online shops reserves the right to change and modify product prices in its offer, launching and terminating promotional activities or sales. Orders placed before date of price change, rules of promotion or sale will be realized on preexisting rules. Unless otherwise specified in the rules, Online Shop promotions are not valid with other promotions.

VII. Shipment cost
Product page in Online Shop will provide information about shipping cost taking into consideration the most cost-effective form of delivery taking into consideration payment made by bank transfer to Online Shop bank account. Customer may change delivery and payment method in order form. Shipping cost for products ordered will be automatically calculated when placing order and depend on payment and delivery method chosen.

In the moment of delivery Customer must check state of product and its accordance with order in presence of Carrier company employee. In case the product is damaged or products are missing from order Customer must draw complaint protocol with Carrier employee describing damages (Carrier employee is obliged to provide Customer with such document). Carrier is obliged to deliver shipment to place provided by Customer if weight of shipment does not exceed 30 kg. In case of goods heavier than that, shipment will be delivered to door/entry to building. Collection by customer is possible in our Warehouse located in Walecznych 31, Lublin, Poland. Contact Online Shop employee to schedule date and time of collection.

IX. Right of withdrawal
According to Act from 2nd of March 2000, about some consumer laws and liability for damages done by dangerous product (Journal of Laws of 2000, item 22 pos.271) Paragraph 2 section 2, customer concluding agreement at distance, may waive it without giving reason in 10 (ten) days from receiving product. You may resign from part or all of ordered products. According to above mentioned Act, Customer can not return audio recordings visual recordings, computer games saved on storage medium that is unpacked from original packaging. Product returned by customer should be packed in uch a way to prevent any damages that may occure in transport. Product should be returned in unchanged state (unless change was necessary for normal use) with complete equipment and accessory provided with product. Customer pays for return shipping. Online Shop will make a refund for Customer in 7 working days to bank account provided by Customer. If payment was made by PayPal or credit card, return might be done to either PayPal or credit card.

X. Warranty
Products sold by Online Shop might be covered by warranty provided by producer or distributor of product. In case of product that producer or distributor covered by warranty, Customer may send a complaint on irregularities of delivered product as per rights guaranteed by warranty. Online Shop is only a middleman forwarding complaint, customer is addressing complaint directly to subject granting warranty on product. Customer by his own choice may report product to warranty service directly or indirectly by means of Online Shop. Terms and way the irregularities should be reported and method of dealing with them are defined in warranty provided by producer or distributor of product. Receiving warranty on bought product does not exclude Customer from expressing his rights granted by product incompatibility with agreement.

XI. Product incompatibility with agreement.
Customer has right to submit complaint within 2 (two) years from day product was bought, if Online Shop will be notified in writing within 2 (two) months about noticed product incompatibility with agreement. If transaction was not consumer sale, sides are excluding guarantee for physical defects of product (Art. 558 Of Polish Civil Code). Online Shop within 14 (fourteen) days will address Customer complaint and will inform customer about further procedure. In order to make complaint customer must deliver product with written description of complaint. Online Shop does not take any responsibility for improper usage of product, against information provided in leaflet or packaging.

XII. Personal data
Personal data of Customer are protected under The Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (unified text – Journal of Laws of 2014, No. 101 item 1182 with amendments). By signing up in Online Shop customer agrees to processing of Personal Data connected to order completion realized in Online Shop. Personal data given in order form are collected for: collection and completion of order done in Online Shop upon agreement from Customer – to send by e-mail Online Shop commercial informations, news and promotions. Customer is responsible for providing false Personal data. Customer has right to view, change and request deletion of his Personal Data. Personal Data Controller (defined by The Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (unified text: Journal of Laws of 2014, No. 101 item 1182 with amendments)) where Personal Data of Customer are processed is F5R.
Referring to EU GDPR rules, we declare that we do not collect personal data, after the order is completed, all personal data are deleted.

XIII. End Statements
Products presented on webpages of Online Shop do not constitute an offer in accordance to Polish Civil Code. In matters not regulated by this Condition of Sales, Polish law applies, especially Polish Civil Code, Commercial Sales Act with changes to Polish civil Code (Journal of Laws of 202, item 141 pos.1176) and Act about some consumer laws and liability for damages done by dangerous product (Journal of Laws of 2000, item 22 pos.271). Online Shop will not accept deliveries sent as cash on delivery. Product purchase agreement may be done in Polish or English. All product names in Online Shop offer are used for identification purposes and may be protected and copyrighted under Commercial Property Law (Journal of Laws of 2003, item 119 pos.1117)