Renault IDE injector seal full service set

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Renault 2.0 IDE injector seal full service set.

This part suits for:
Renault Megane 2.0 IDE 1999-2002, model DA03/EA03, engine code F5R740
Renault Laguna 2.0 IDE 2001-2004, model KG0N/BG0N, engine code F5R700, F5R701

Technical Note
Replacing the lower Teflon sleeves on injectors without a special device is practically impossible, when stretching the Teflon to the diameter of the injector, the wall of the sleeve narrows and then the sleeve does not adhere to the injector. This results in later firing by exhaust gases. A special device allows even expansion of the injector diameter sleeve, and then compression. If the original sleeve is in one piece, it is better not to move it, the leaky sleeve is always burned by exhaust gases (Teflon melts at about 260C).