Opel/Vauxhall 2.2 Direct fuel pressure regulator EA

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New fuel pressure regulator Opel/Vauxhall 2.2 Direct for from F5R Team. If your engine turns off after warming up or goes into limp mode at idle, it is mostly caused by defect of the fuel pressure regulator.

Replacement for GM 24404015, GM 95507060 (Siemens S-5375-03, S-5375-04)

The regulator F5R Team (UE116112EA) has been manufactured from the highest quality materials ensuring long term trouble-free operation (valve made of tungsten carbide).

As seen on the attached photo the regulator F5R Team does not have an internal filter at the inlet as the original GM/Siemens regulators. It has an additional filter installed under the regulator. Such filter can be easily removed and clean if it is needed. This filter is not necessary in this place because this is outlet from the fuel rail and fuel should be clean. However there is is still a small possibility of fuel contamination, therefore we suggest to install this filter. The filter and the spare small o-ring is added tot the regulator.

if you want to have a regulator with filter at inlet, please see my other regulators.

This part suits for:
Opel/Vauxhall Astra H 2.2 Direct MK5 2004-, engine code Z22YH
Opel/Vauxhall Zafira B 2.2 Direct 2005-, engine code Z22YH
Opel/Vauxhall Vectra C 2.2 Direct 2002-2008, engine code Z22YH
Opel/Vauxhall Insignia/Signum 2.2 Direct 2003- 2008, engine code Z22YH

Weight 220g

it is possible to measure the most important parameter of the pressure regulation system, PWM signal of the pressure regulator. The correct range of work is 20-45% (there should be 20-25% at idle), but the lower the value, the more easily it maintains the correct pressure. If it passes 45%, you will get an injection fault. This parameter is not available from any diagnostic device. A fully functional system (eg Bosch pump+F5R regulator) works like this:

Frequently asked questions and answers:

- do the F5R regulators fit the Z22YH engine? YES, they are made for this engine and they fit

- if the service on the dashboard lights up, do I need to replace the regulator? NO, it is first necessary to determine the causes of the fault

- if I have fault P1191 do I have to replace the regulator? NO, first check the year of manufacture of the regulator, it is the last 2 digits in the third government, you should replace regulators older than 2011, and necessary older than 2009

- if the regulator is from 2011 or newer, do I have to replace it? NO, such regulators can only cause only one symptom, the service light up at idle, if we keep revolutions e.g. 1500-2000, the light will not on

- do I need to replace the regulator if the service lights up when idling and not while driving? YES, the regulator valve is likely to wear, but other causes must be ruled out beforehand, e.g. low pressure in the forepump or damaged regulator O-rings

- can the regulator damage the pump? YES, the regulator can permanently overload the pump, which leads to its damage, but only in the case of regulators manufactured before 2009 (up to date 266 09). To be sure, use the regulators from the second service action, i.e. from 2011. Fully functional pumps should not be damaged even in the event of complete failure of the regulator because the pump has a safety valve

- should there be a filter in the regulator or not (EAF or EA)? It is in the description, the regulator is mounted on the outlet of the injection rail, all filters should be mounted before the injection system. In other words, it is like putting an air filter on the exhaust pipe, if someone wants to have such a filter then it is possible

- why do diaphragm breaks in GM pumps? because they are old and worn. In addition, the pump design is not completely thought out, for pressures above 100 bar no one uses diaphragm pumps but piston pumps

- where to get new original diaphragms? you should buy a new pump, take it apart and we will have new diaphragms. There is no other option